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What is a signal booster, and how does it work?

EE signal booster best option

A cell phone signal booster is a type of amplifier used to improve cellular reception. A cellular repeater system is composed of 4 simple parts; an exterior antenna that receives and amplifies signal from nearby cell phone towers, coaxial cables, a signal amplifier, and an indoor rebroadcast antenna.

Why do I need a mobile phone signal booster?

It’s difficult when our homes and offices don’t have a good phone signal and even more so when our network is doing nothing about it! It is not fun to have to stick our heads out the window, attempting to get a better signal, when you’re on an important business call or simply speaking to friends or family!

EE’s network signal spreads throughout the countryside but sometimes the EE mobile signal does not make it into our homes and offices. This is not necessarily always EE's fault and sometimes it is due to a common issue, which is building insulation. It blocks phone signal inside your home.

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Luckily mobile repeater can help you fix this problem yourself! This range of small signal boosters are designed to overcome the problems that cause poor indoor coverage. Using the best electronics, we consistently refine and test our signal repeaters to guarantee they will work efficiently, and because of this we have been the #1 seller of boosters in the UK since 2007. Our signal repeaters give amazing improved signal straight away and results as always are guaranteed!

Are these EE signal boosters easy to install ?

EE signal booster best option

Our EE Signal Boosters are super easy to install! Simply hook up the antenna outside, at the point where you get the most outdoor signal, connect it to the repeater and then connect the aerial and away you go. There are options to have several indoor antennas if also needed. Whether for home or office, or if your phone is simply stuck without signal indoors these signal boosters are an easy and efficient solution. Next thing you know, whether you’re using an iPhone, Samsung, Nokia or any other android or GSM phone, a strong signal will be available indoors. Making sure you can keep in touch and stay connected.

Will it work for me?

To guarantee it works all you need is some mobile signal outside your building. If you have a very poor mobile signal outside 0-1 bars be sure you’re covered by adding a 25dB Parabolic Antenna. It is an aerial that will pick the signal up to 15 km away and you can add this Antenna to your order when you check out. This additional gain will ensure you get the results you need, just as if you had 5 Bars outside instead of 1!

Mobile phone signal booster frequencies:

Don’t let the complexity of network frequencies put you off. It is necessary to ‘get to know’ frequencies a little better, to choose the perfect mobile repeater for your network.


Have you ever been low on signal and realized that you can’t get online but can still take calls? This is due to the fact that the mobile signal coverage you are receiving may only be for 900mhz to 1800mhz and the higher range 2100mhz+ is getting broken up before it gets to your phone. Most mobile phone calls are made over GSM which operate in the UK on 900mhz & 1800mhz. This is the sort of connection you would get with a 900mhz, a 1800mhz or combined 900/1800mhz mobile repeater. You can still make and take calls, but to get an internet connection you would need to use a Wi-Fi connection. These 900/1800 lower frequency bands can sometimes travel farther and thanks to its wave length, things like walls or objects that block the signal are much easier for them to penetrate. When a frequency gets higher such as 2100mhz or the 4G 2600mhz, signal cannot travel just as far and are blocked much easier by walls, trees or buildings.


The mobile phone network 3, now known as one of the best in the UK, had some initial fame due to really bad signal. This is because they operated on 2100mhz 3G (hence their name 3). At the time of 3's release. the UK did not have a strong 2100mhz infrastructure and 3 users could not talk over GSM. Now however, the 3G infrastructure is so good that this is no longer the case. At the same time, as you may have guessed, with a 3 mobile phone you need the 2100mhz connection for calls. However, all the same, 3G operates on 2100mhz on all networks. If you have a 2100mhz repeater you can get your internet connection from your mobile phone via the phone network and for most networks you can also make calls.


With 4G LTE which operates at 2600mhz this signal is much weaker but most networks are starting to use the 1800mhz and in some cases 800mhz connection for 4G, in order to improve connection. With 4G you can make calls and use the internet at ultra-fast speeds and with great clarity. 4G usually has the worst problems getting inside your house due to its high wave length but if you have it outside, the signal would normally be much stronger. This is where the term repeater comes from for the Mobile Phone Signal Boosters, because what you are doing is effectively getting this signal from outside and repeating it inside.

EE mobile signal frequencies:

EE has said that it is going to upgrade its 4G network, by taking creaky old 2G frequencies and converting them into shiny new 4G spectrum. EE currently uses frequencies in the 1800MHz band for both 2G and 4G services (its other bands are reserved solely for 3G/4G signals).

How do I choose the right mobile repeater?

Simply choose a network you would like to boost or choose an associated Mobile Phone Signal Booster from a collection. As long as you have at least 1 or 2 bars of signal outside your business or home, you can be safe knowing you have chosen the right Repeater. We have designed and tested the repeaters for each network so you simply choose the network you need to cover. EE operates on 1800Mhz. Select the size area you need to cover and you will have the ideal mobile phone signal repeater.

We have very simple and easy to install mobile repeater options. For example:

Home Essentials/ EE - Ideal for your apartment or small home of home office will focus on one main frequency or network. You can get the essential in any of size booster from a small office to a large building. It will always be the cheapest option to cover the size of building you need.

Business Premium/ EE - Twice as many frequencies so suitable for multiple networks and will boost voice and data throughout the UK. Simply choose what type of signal you need covered. It has the ability to cover more networks. It tends to include Voice, 3G and 4G.

Business Unlimited/ EE - Covers every UK network from voice to the highest speed 4G data, so your covered 100%. It covers all 4G frequencies so you always get the maximum speed. Also ensures you have a fully future proofed system.

All of these EE signal amplifiers work as EE 4G Signal Boosters as well as voice. What is even better they do not require a Wi-Fi connection. These amplifiers will all work with EE and give you excellent call quality.

Interested in an EE Signal Booster?

If you’re tired of getting poor signal, try out one of our mobile signal boosters! We offer 100% free support with the purchase of any unit on our site. Our exceptional customer service has made us a leader in the mobile cellular reception industry. In addition to the retail products available on our website, our team of engineers can provide customized-solutions for any application. We also stand by the quality of our products and offer a 15-day money back guarantee on all of our merchandise. Please feel free to call us with any questions you might have. It would be our pleasure to assist you!

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