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Produit Réf: F13-3G

Disponibilité: en Stock

Mobile Repeater France

295.00 €
Description rapide
  • Verstärkt nur 3G UMTS Daten
  • Unterstützt Alle Netzwerkanbieter
  • Frequenz 2100 MHz
  • Abdeckung bis 500m²

Sick of constant problems with mobile 3G signal? There is a perfect way to solve this issue – HiBoost F13 3G amplifier. The device picks up poor signal and spreads the improved one over the area up to 500 m2. Stay connected and enjoy 3G data in full measure!


  • Network: UMTS 2100 MHz
  • Coverage: medium areas up to 500 m²
  • Fast 3G data download
  • Full kit with all installation components
  • Compatible with all EU cellular operators
  • Officially CE- and RoHS-certified