Produit Réf: HI13-5S

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Mobile Repeater France

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Description rapide
  • Abdeckung bis max. 500m²
  • GSM 3G & 4G für alle Netze
  • 5-Band 800/900/1800/2100/2600
  • Störsignal-Schutz

HiBoost Hi13-5S is a revolutionary solution for mobile signal reception improvement. The equipment is unique on the market as it supports 5 networks at a time!!



    • Network: EGSM 900+ LTE/DCS 1800 +WCDMA 2100+LTE 800+LTE 2600 MHz
    • Coverage: up to 500 sq m
    • Installation kit with all the necessary components
    • Real-time LCD display
    • CE- and RoHS-certified
    • Multiple phones in one area (up to 80 users)
  • Full duplex